A l l o g g i o



Every year, we renew the products on our shelves in order to satisfy our clients’ preferences.

In the Aphrodite store you will find a wide collection of Italian “faux bijoux”, as well as objects for the summer season such as:

• Sunglasses
• Bathing suits
• Beach dresses
• Caftan dresses…


The Hermes store is functioning as a mini market and offers you anything you may need. You will find:

• beach accessories for kids
• beach accessories for adults
• Toiletries (bath gels, shampoos…)
• postcards
• Little delicacies…

Moreover, Delphi Beach collaborates with local producers and recommends handmade biological products. Exquisite olive oils, spoon sweets (fruit preserves), honey… can become wonderful gifts for your loved ones.